C. Sam Bond

C.S. Bond Forest Management

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5267 Old State Road 37 North
Springville, Indiana, 47462


Industrial Forester

Areas Served

Map of the Areas Bond, C. Sam works in

Educational Qualifications

B.S. Degree in Forestry from Purdue University, 1977.

Specialized Training

DNR-I.F.I.C. Skidder Operator training in 1994, Soren Eriksson Logging Safety Training (Phase 1-5) 1990 and D.N.R. Introduction to BMP’S and the BMP Field Guide Training 2000, Timber Tax Seminar for Foresters 2000, Hardwood Lumber Grading Short Course 2002, Natural Resources Leadership Development Institute 2003, Society of American Foresters Leadership Conference 2006, SFI Training 2007, Intro to BMP’s 2019, and Cutter Training Level 4 2020.

Professional Experience

45 years in Indiana.

Services Provided

Multiple Use Plans, Timber Management Plans, Timber Marking, Timber Marketing, Sales Administration, Timber Stand Improvement, Timber Inventory, Timber Taxation Assistance, Timber Appraisals, Economic and Marketing Analysis, Harvest Plans, Logging Supervision, and Supervised Logging Crew and Equipment available on contractual basis.

Professional Affiliations

IHLA Forestry Council, Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s Association, Woodland Steward Institute, Forest Industries Committee on Timber Valuation and Taxation, Society of American Foresters, Forest Health Initiative, Indiana Forestry and Woodland Owners Association, Natural Resources Leadership Development Institute Board, and President Benjamin Harrison Conservation Trust.

Insurance Coverage

Personal Injury Liability, General Liability, and Workers Compensation. Policies on file for inspection.

Additional Information

Have others who assist in providing the services listed.

References supplied upon request.